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Internet Captioning Service (ICS) from VITAC

VITAC’s Internet Captioning Service (ICS) allows individuals to view captions on their computer or mobile device for meetings, phone calls, classroom lectures, video conferences and conference calls. Our proprietary player integrates with WebEx, Adobe Connect and other applications. See Remote Meeting Integrations for more information.

Using the same high-quality captioners that produce closed captioning for live television, news, sports and weather, you can receive live, real-time text streamed all around the world. Just schedule your events and let us take care of the rest.

Instant Transcripts

Our ICS Player also includes easy to access transcripts. Customers may choose to allow participants to view a copy of the session’s transcript at any time during the discussion in a separate viewer window, and download or email the transcript with ease.

Meeting attendees that are late to a call can "catch up" on earlier dialogue while simultaneously continuing to view the current discussion. View all text from the beginning of a call, meeting, or discussion on demand. Full text is available for distribution and to archive immediately at the event's conclusion.


VITAC, a Verbit company, is a combination of “vital” and “access,” and we stand by our commitment to provide this vital access for our customers, while maintaining quality for our consumers.

We believe in “Accessibility for Life” as we strive to make accessible content standard.

Our ranks include 1,500 clients, captioning over 525,000 live hours and 75,000 prerecorded programs per year.....learn more