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Imagine the Possibilities...

Now, deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals can participate in meetings, phone calls, classroom lectures, videoconferences and multi-party conference calls in a functionally equivalent basis with Internet Text Streaming and Voice Relay Captioning services from Caption Colorado.

Using the same high-quality stenocaptioners that produce closed captioning for live television, news, sports and weather, you can receive live, real-time text streamed to any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. A high-speed Internet connection is not required.

Instant Transcripts

Both services, Internet Text Streaming and Voice Relay Captioning feature a Built-on-the-fly Transcript. Authorized participants can view a copy of the session transcript at any time during the discussion in a separate viewer window. Meeting attendees that are late to a call can "catch up" on earlier dialogue while continuing to view the current discussion at the same time. Meeting attendees can view all of the text from the beginning of a call, meeting, or discussion and the full text is available for distribution and archive immediately at the event's conclusion.

Voice Relay Captioning

Now deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals can fully participate in multi-party conference calls. Whether a call is personal, business or financial, Voice Relay Captioning is the ideal choice.

With Voice Relay Captioning, the text is delivered to the user's computer, the same as Internet Text Streaming. To participate in the conversation, the user types their comments to the captioner online and the captioner voices the text into the conversation on behalf of the participant.....learn more

Internet Text Streaming

With an Internet connected computer, anyone, anywhere can view streaming text of any conversation or event.

With Internet Text Streaming, the one-way dialogue from a speaker, lecturer, or individual is captioned and streamed in real-time to any authorized participant. A text transcript of the discussion is built-on-the-fly and can be saved to the user's computer if permitted by the meeting organizer. If two-way dialogue is desired, request Voice Relay Captioning....learn more

About Caption Colorado

As the nation's largest provider of real-time captioning for television news, Caption Colorado is uniquely capable of providing high quality and accurate captioning of the spoken dialogue and is well equipped to handle a high volume of simultaneous call requests.

From a team of nearly 100 captioners nationwide in all time zones, these real-time captioners boast an accuracy rating of 98.5% and above for captioning of news, weather and sports. These highly talented captioners are the same ones who handle Internet Text Streaming and Voice Relay Captioning events.....learn more